Hi, my name is Ali Zaki, I am a IFA and DTS certified personal trainer. I grew up in Windsor and played football at W.F Herman, I also played soccer and was on the wrestling team. In the summer I ran AAU track in Michigan, running long distance. I was always in the weight room in high school trying to get bigger and better everyday. I enjoy lifting heavy weights and incorporating body weight exercises in all my workouts. I competed in my first natural body building competition in November 2017 in Men’s Physique and qualified for nationals 2018. I started personal training in 2017 to help other people reach there fitness goals. I enjoy pushing people to bring out best of themselves and to help them achieve all of their goals.


As an active athlete growing up my passion was everything sports related. Being a vegetarian until the age of 23 my parents always instilled the importance of eating healthy and being active. To this day those habits of being healthy and active taught me how important it is to take care of body not just outside but inside as well with healthy meal choices. Roughly 10 years ago I found my passion for fitness and weight training. Seeing the physical changes had me hooked and later pushed me to start competing in bodybuilding competitions. Recently, I competed in two regional competitions placing 1st in my category and qualifying for Nationals. My passion for living a healthy lifestyle through fitness and nutrition then allowed me to share what I have learned with others. My goals is to interact with my clients, see through that they are exceeding there limits in the gym, and making their goals nothing less than an accomplishment. Currently I am a IFA and DTS Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach.


At a young age I was very active athlete child and heavily involved in competitive gymnastics. It was then when I grew a passion to not just compete but to be on stage showcasing my hard work. It was where I belonged and truly loved. Years later after my completive gymnastics days, now a proud mother, I wanted an outlet where I could get in shape and be active. Lifting weights for just a short time gave me a great realization of what I was capable of in the gym. It wasn’t until I decided to enter a bodybuilding competition where I rediscovered my passion for being on stage. In my first competition I placed 1st in my category and overall honours in my following competition which qualifies me for Nationals in the Bikini Category. Throughout my time as a personal trainer and competing I found the love to help transform their body and motivate them to push their boundaries and reach their goal. Currently I am a IFA and DTS Certified Personal Trainer.


My journey in fitness started when I was young, working out through my hockey and football teams. As I progressed and learned more about nutrition, with the help of a personal trainer I brought myself, with the help of a personal trainer and coach, from 275 pounds to 190 pounds in about 5 months, and eventually down to 168 pounds at my lowest. Fitness has been an outlet for me to transform myself holistically; physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally, and through the process of becoming the best version of myself I have found a passion for helping others do the same. Specialties include: Weight Loss, Lifestyle Transformation, Hiit Training, Coaching Education Ats Level 1 personal training and mobility IFA personal training IFA Small Group Training The Health Sciences Academy nutrition certification DTS Olympic Lifting Coaching Nutrition

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