Built on blood, sweat, tears, and triumph.

What is the FL3X LIFE?

FL3XLife is a brand inspired by those who consistently exert maximum effort to achieve their peak performance potential. FL3X is not for everyone. It is only for those who are obsessed with success, it’s for the 1%. These are the people that stop at nothing. They go above and beyond and ALWAYS do more than what is required.

FL3X is the sugar and spice in life, it’s the “au coutre mont,” the sauce and it doesn’t just happen in the gym. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a cult and it was built on blood, sweat, tears, and triumph.

When you see a yellow hat and a red truck, you know it’s a firefighter. When you see a blue cap with a gold badge on it, you know it’s a police officer. When you see the army fatigues, you know it’s a soldier. When you see the FL3X check, you know it success.

Wake up & FL3X

Who is Carlos Puckerin?

Carlos Puckerin is a multifaceted man whose had to master the skills of planning, endurance, and execution. Born in Detroit and later moving to Windsor as a young child, Carlos learned early on how to adapt to a fast changing environment. Even though he faced many concrete obstacles he was able to find a way to conquer them all by holding firm to the foundation that his grandmother Gwendolyn Johnson, had laid for him. Carlos never had it easy. He grew up in an unstable environment, constantly moving from school to school, getting in trouble with the law and even being forced to become completely independent and financially stable at the tender age of fourteen. It wasn’t until he enrolled in a college business administration course that he became fascinated with the world of business. After completing a business strategy assignment his professor was deeply moved by his vision and work ethic. Soon thereafter, his Professor advised him to stop wasting his money on school and invests in himself. Since then he’s never looked back. 

“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the things that will unlock the door to personal excellence. “ - Carlos Puckerin